What I’ve Learnt

14 Nov

Having the first and last lecture in the same room gives a nostalgic feeling. During the last lecture, I kept thinking back about the activities we had on the first lecture. And sitting inside the room knowing that it is the last lecture give me mixed feelings. The amount of time and effort I put into this module greatly sums up more than any other modules and ending this course should relieve all the torture but the experience and fun I had kept me holding back. Nevertheless, there is a saying ‘all good things must come to an end’.

Before taking this module, I have heard a lot about it, mostly on how painful it will be. I have a few friends persuading me not to take it at all cost and they even think I’m crazy to take it as a UE. Despite their words, I went on to take it and I didn’t regret it. Only the strongest will survive.

I believe I have achieved all the goals I mentioned on my first post. On my first post, I talked about learning how to integrate stuffs and come up with a complete product that is good enough for mass consumption. With LetterstoAmanda, I’m proud to say I have accomplished that. It’s not going to end there like every other module projects but it’s going to reach far around the globe and it’s never going to stop. I also love the fact on how this module forces you to work with someone you didn’t work with in your previous assignments. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and work with people that I wouldn’t have the chance otherwise. This fulfilled my second goal that is to meet different people.

Team Dynamic
What keeps the assignment submitted on time are a good team. A good team are the ones that do their part and help the other teammate when he/she us having trouble. A good team has the same vision and never say die even until the last minute. A good team has strong determination that pulls us through any obstacles. And I have found a good team with Zul and Eugene. Despite being the smallest group in the class, it didn’t hinder us. We put in extra effort and came up with LetterstoAmanda.

Making Others Believe In What You Believe In
I would like to thank Eugene in telling me to watch the video of ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’. I never though it’s going to work until I saw the reception at our presentation. I’m totally amazed by how rephrasing and adjusting the order can change your product totally. It turns out that the golden circle really works. It takes practice and I’m trying to apply it some of the presentations. =)

Painful Training
This workload of this assignment is just crazy. The assignments, presentation, blogs and surveys are just never ending. This is the only module that made me stay in school until wee hours not for one day but a couple of days. All these might sound painful but I see it as part of the training. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have learnt to set realistic goals and start early as there are other modules that need to be taken care of. At least the assignments have real world implementation and it shed some lights on what’s the market trend now.

Parts and Parcels of Life
The setback of assignment 2 troubled me for a while. Be it the idea or the execution, it doesn’t matter anymore as I realised human do make mistakes. What’s important is how we pick ourselves up and move on. If I would to cling on the failure and never accept the mistakes, I will continue to fail. The world is not going to stop spinning. Get on with life.

As a matter of fact, I don’t really like blogging. I hate writing. However, seeing the comments and number of viewers I get really makes my day. I would like to thank all the readers for reading what I typed. With that, I end my last post for CS3216. =)


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